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Separate traffic stops lead to drug charges for 2

Being involved in a routine traffic stop can be a stressful process, which may only become more intimidating should it lead to criminal accusations. Many individuals have faced drug charges following the search of their vehicle under similar circumstances. Two men have been arrested and are facing similar charges after two separate traffic stops that took place less than an hour apart in West Virginia.

West Virginia woman facing felony drug charges after arrest

When an individual is wanted in connection with an alleged crime, evading arrest could increase any suspicion of guilt by the authorities. However, in some cases, a person might be unaware that a warrant for his or her arrest even exists. A woman in West Virginia has recently been arrested and accused of drug charges after allegedly evading authorities for up to six months.

1 facing drug charges after falling asleep in parked vehicle

Falling asleep at the wheel can be dangerous, and may also lead authorities to have increased suspicion of the presence of criminal activity. Even if the vehicle is parked at the time, officers might be called out to investigate the situation. A 28-year-old man is currently facing DUI and drug charges after he was allegedly found asleep behind the wheel at several locations in West Virginia.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for 1 in West Virginia

Traffic stops are a common occurrence and can take place under a variety of circumstances. While many of these simply result in a ticket, or even a warning, others can lead to suspicion of additional crimes. A man in West Virginia was recently arrested and is currently facing drug charges after he was allegedly pulled over for failing to wear a set belt.

Failure to move for police vehicle leads to drug charges for 2

Emergency vehicles generally have lights and indicators that are intended to inform nearby drivers of a need to pass. Failing to adhere to these indicators can land an individual in hot water. Two individuals in West Virginia were recently arrested on drug charges after they were pulled over for allegedly failing to move out of the way of a police vehicle that had activated its emergency lights.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for 2 in West Virginia

Authorities are required to have reasonable suspicion of a crime before initiating the search of a vehicle during a traffic stop. Similar searches have led to the arrest of countless individuals over the years, who are often subjected to subsequent criminal accusations. Two individuals are facing drug charges after they were arrested during a recent traffic stop in West Virginia.

Man facing drug charges after getting his car stuck in a ditch

Being accused of a drug-related crime can create various hardships for an individual. Convictions for drug charges are severe and can have a negative impact on a person in many areas of life. A man may be experiencing difficulty in similar areas after he was arrested and is now facing charges following a single-vehicle accident in West Virginia.

Man and woman facing felony drug charges in West Virginia

Felony charges are serious, and can have a negative impact on a person's life. A criminal conviction can impact many different areas of life, such as employment or reputation, even if the sentence does not result in a prison term. Two West Virginia residents are facing drug charges after being accused of planning to deliver drugs at a local jail.

2 men facing multiple drug charges in West Virginia

Clearly, being convicted of a felony has negative consequences. Those who are facing this possibility typically seek to defend against the charges, but having little knowledge of the criminal justice system can make it challenging. Seeking legal advice is typically the best choice in these circumstances. This may be the case for two men in West Virginia who were recently arrested and are now facing multiple drug charges.

Man pleads guilty to drug charges connected to 26 overdoses

There is no question that West Virginia is among those states facing the most serious epidemics of heroin and opioid abuse. Nationwide, over 30,000 people died in opioid-related incidents last year, and West Virginia seems to have had more than its share. At least one man may be facing years in prison for drug charges after a rash of overdoses last summer.  

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