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Man faces drunk driving charges after operating tractor on road

When being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, an individual has rights that must be upheld throughout the process. However, facing drunk driving allegations can be stressful and intimidating, potentially leading an accused party to feel pressured into responding to accusations or even admitting some degree of fault. A 68-year-old man is facing similar charges after allegedly creating a traffic hazard while driving his tractor on the road in West Virginia.

1 accused of drunk driving after allegedly hitting police cruiser

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs can be dangerous, and the penalties for a conviction are serious. If an accident occurs in the process, the consequences an accused individual may face only increase in severity. A 44-year-old woman has been arrested and accused of drunk driving after allegedly hitting a police cruiser that was leading a funeral procession in West Virginia.

Man who stopped to perform CPR now facing drunk driving charges

Although there are countless reasons for a car accident to occur, some may be more prevalent than others. Countless individuals have been accused of drunk driving following a collision, the potential penalties of which may increase in severity should another party be killed in the process. A West Virginia man is currently facing similar charges after an alleged accident in which he stopped to perform CPR.

College football player accused of drunk driving in West Virginia

A conviction for criminal charges can have a substantial impact on a person's future. For those who are playing sports in college, the potential consequences could be devastating. A football player at a college in West Virginia is likely focused on his defense after he was recently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Bus driver in West Virginia accused of drunk driving

Facing criminal accusations for driving under the influence of alcohol can be stressful and challenging. If convicted, a person will be facing severe penalties, which often include significant fines and time behind bars. If the accused individual was transporting minors at the time, he or she may be facing additional charges in relation. A school bus driver in West Virginia was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving with minors involved.

West Virginia man accused of drunk driving collision

When causing a car accident, many individuals become the subject of a subsequent investigation. There are countless ways in which a collision can occur, and distracted and drunk driving are believed to be a couple of the most prevalent. A West Virginia man is being accused of driving under the influence after a recent car accident involving a police cruiser.

Woman charged with felony drunk driving after fleeing police

Safety advocates warn drivers about the dangers of texting. Studies show that texting behind the wheel can be as dangerous as drunk driving. Indeed, texting while intoxicated behind the wheel may be a recipe for disaster. One woman is facing an uncertain future after being accused of these offenses.

Drunk driving is illegal, even on private property

According to a recent ruling made by the West Virginia Supreme Court, it is illegal for a drunk driver to get behind the wheel of any type of vehicle, even if on private property. Law enforcement has the authority to arrest and charge an individual who is caught drunk driving, even it is not on a public road. Opponents have stated that this decision is a form of government overreach.

Felony drunk driving charges filed against West Virginia man

A West Virginia man has been charged with felony DUI for his role in a car accident that ultimately left one person dead and another seriously injured. His charges were upgraded to felony DUI causing death and DUI causing serious bodily injury after one victim died from accident-related injuries a few days later. While a misdemeanor reckless driving charge was dropped, he still faces very serious consequences if convicted of the felony drunk driving charge. 

Drunk driving charges filed against West Virginia driver

A West Virginia man is facing criminal charges for his role in a recent alcohol-related accident. The crash involved multiple vehicles and occurred at the end of a high-speed chase with police. After being apprehended by law enforcement after the pursuit, he is being charged with fleeing from a law enforcement officer and drunk driving with serious bodily injury.

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