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Multiple overdoses lead to drug charges for 2 in West Virginia

When authorities receive reports of multiple overdoses in a certain region, an investigation into the matter may ensue. Should this lead them to suspect the presence of drug activity at a residence, the subsequent search could leave those who reside within facing criminal charges. Two individuals have been taken into custody and are facing drug charges following an investigation that took place under similar circumstances in West Virginia.

Authorities claim to have received numerous reports indicating the possible presence of drug activity at two homes located within a short distance from one another. After allegedly connecting these homes with numerous overdoses in the area, they proceeded to obtain and execute a search warrant at each location. During the search, they allegedly uncovered the presence of numerous types and amounts of narcotics, including as much as 65 grams of heroin.

Traffic stop leads to drunk driving charges for West Virginia man

A man has been arrested and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol following a recent traffic stop in West Virginia. A drunk driving offense carries serious consequences should a conviction be obtained, which only increase in severity if additional charges are included. Those who face similar charges may wish to protect themselves against potentially devastating consequences, but they might be uncertain how best to proceed.

According to authorities, the incident occurred on a recent Friday night as officers allegedly came upon a vehicle that was traveling above the speed limit. They also claim the vehicle proceeded to move into an oncoming lane, and they initiated a traffic stop shortly thereafter. Upon approaching the vehicle, police claim that there were two young kids inside along with the driver, and that a strong odor of alcohol was emanating from within.

Alleged exchange leads to multiple drug charges for 2

When authorities deem an exchange between two or more parties to be suspicious, they may choose to further investigate the matter. Should this lead to the alleged discovery of drug activity, those involved may find themselves facing criminal charges. Two men have recently been arrested and are now facing drug charges after authorities claim to have disrupted a drug deal in West Virginia.

Authorities within a drug enforcement unit claim to have witnessed an interaction between the men and another individual that allegedly involved the passing of heroin. After disrupting the alleged incident, they claim to have found the men to be in possession of an unspecified amount of the substance and some cash. Both were taken into custody soon thereafter, and each is facing numerous charges in relation.

Burnt-out headlight leads to drunk driving charges for 1

There are a multitude of scenarios in which a routine traffic stop may occur. Should an officer come upon a vehicle with a burned-out headlight, he or she may initiate a stop with the intent of informing the driver of the issue. However, if the officer becomes suspicious of criminal behavior during this stop, further investigation may ensue. A 34-year-old man has recently been arrested and accused of drunk driving following a recent traffic stop that allegedly took place under similar circumstances in West Virginia.

According to authorities, an officer came in contact with a driver that was operating a vehicle with a burned-out headlight and taillight on a recent Friday. After initiating a traffic stop and approaching the driver, the officer claims to have witnessed an open container of alcohol fall to the ground while the man was exiting the vehicle. This prompted the officer to search the vehicle, which allegedly unearthed the presence of more open containers in the back seat.

4 facing drug charges following search of motel in West Virginia

Law enforcement agents across the nation make use of a variety of measures in an effort to reduce the flow of drug activity. Being accused of a drug-related crime under similar circumstances can be a stressful and intimidating experience. Three individuals are facing drug charges after being arrested during a recent investigation that took place in West Virginia.

According to authorities, the investigation began after an undercover informant made a controlled purchase of an unspecified amount of methamphetamine from one of the individuals at a local business. This reportedly led authorities to obtain and execute a search warrant at a motel in the area. Police assert the search led to the arrest of three individuals, each of which was allegedly found to be in possession of unspecified amounts illegal narcotics, including methamphetamine and oxycodone.

Man resigns as mayor following accusations of drunk driving

Individuals who are facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol may find the subsequent process to be stressful and intimidating. Simply being accused of a similar crime can have an impact on one's reputation within the community, which can be challenging enough as is. A 70-year-old man has recently resigned as mayor of a city in West Virginia after he was arrested and accused of drunk driving.

According to reports, the incident began when police received information about a single-vehicle accident around 9 p.m. on a recent Friday. They claim the driver of the vehicle had struck a parked car. Upon approaching the driver, they allegedly discovered that he was under the influence of alcohol, and he was taken into custody and charged with DUI. Later, he was released on bond.

1 facing drug charges after visiting grandson in jail

There are many individuals across the country who have someone close that is currently behind bars. When visiting a loved one in jail, one must be careful to avoid certain actions, such as attempting to pass anything improper along, as doing so could lead to criminal allegations. A woman in West Virginia is facing drug charges after authorities claim she recently provided illegal substances to her grandson while visiting him in jail.

According to reports, the woman was visiting her grandson in a local jail when a guard claims to have caught wind of a suspicious interaction between the two. Upon attempting to search the man, they say he tried to run, and told his grandmother to do the same. After catching up with him, they assert that he was in possession of numerous drinking straws that allegedly held illegal narcotics, including heroin.

Separate traffic stops lead to drug charges for 2

Being involved in a routine traffic stop can be a stressful process, which may only become more intimidating should it lead to criminal accusations. Many individuals have faced drug charges following the search of their vehicle under similar circumstances. Two men have been arrested and are facing similar charges after two separate traffic stops that took place less than an hour apart in West Virginia.

The first incident occurred when police claim to have come upon a driver who was using a cell phone while operating his vehicle. After initiating a stop, they allegedly found out that he was in possession of methamphetamine. Although it is unclear how authorities came to believe he was in possession of illegal drugs, he was taken into custody and faces multiple charges, including possession of a controlled substance.

Man faces drunk driving charges after operating tractor on road

When being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, an individual has rights that must be upheld throughout the process. However, facing drunk driving allegations can be stressful and intimidating, potentially leading an accused party to feel pressured into responding to accusations or even admitting some degree of fault. A 68-year-old man is facing similar charges after allegedly creating a traffic hazard while driving his tractor on the road in West Virginia.

The initial report was made in relation to an alleged dispute among neighbors, the nature of which was unclear. Soon thereafter, several calls were placed to authorities concerning a man who was driving his tractor in the middle of the road and obstructing the flow of traffic. After locating the man and his tractor in the front yard of a nearby residence, a state trooper claims the man admitted to being aware that operating such a vehicle on the road was illegal.

Criminal defense: 1 accused of armed robbery in West Virginia

When a crime appears to have been committed, authorities may initiate a search for a suspect if he or she is no longer at the scene upon their arrival. Witness descriptions could be a crucial part of this process, and police might use identifying factors such as clothing or tattoos to locate potential suspects. A 39-year-old man could be working with a criminal defense attorney after he was recently accused of attempted robbery in West Virginia.

Police claim to have received report of the alleged incident just before 7 a.m. on a recent Wednesday. According to reports, a woman had arrived at work and was on her way to open a store when a man allegedly approached her from behind and shoved her before demanding she open the doors so he could steal money. After refusing to comply, she asserts the man eventually decided to flee.

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