Shouldn’t I get paid for that?

If you clock in and out when you go to work, the hours you should get paid for may seem very clear. But, even then, it’s all too easy to get into the habit of doing work-related tasks unpaid.

Here are a few examples of work-related tasks you should and should NOT get paid to do.

Distraction still causing motor vehicle accidents in West Virgini

Distracted driving is a serious concern both in West Virginia and across the United States. With more people having access to cell phones and infotainment systems in vehicles than ever before, the number of distraction-related motor vehicle accidents continues to rise. Texting and driving is one of the most common and most dangerous forms of distracted driving.

Out of concern over the number of people using their phones behind the wheel, authorities and other groups have worked hard to communicate the dangers associated with texting and driving. While most people are aware that it is risky, they continue to do so. In fact, the number of people who admit to texting and driving has increased. 

Motor vehicle accidents: Man dead following hit-and-run crash

Many tractor-trailer rigs pass through West Virginia on its numerous miles of highways. The location of the state promotes heavy commercial transportation as truckers deliver their wares in all directions. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents involving cars and these semis can result in serious injuries or deaths. However, a recent fatality occurred involving a parked tractor-trailer rig and a hit-and-run driver in Jefferson County.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office reported that a man from another state was on the side of a road near Halltown, inspecting his tractor-trailer. According to witness accounts, a black sport utility vehicle struck the man, then drove away after stopping briefly. The driver of the tractor-trailer was pronounced dead after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Motor vehicle accidents and the consequences of drunk driving

Drunk driving is reckless and dangerous, and the consequences can often be deadly. A recent crash in Odd, West Virginia, that left one person dead illustrates the dangers of this type of negligent behavior and how it increases the chance of motor vehicle accidents. Though this collision involved just one car, the driver was allegedly drunk and had three passengers in the vehicle with him.

Reports of the accident indicate that the driver was speeding, when he apparently lost control of the vehicle and left the road. The vehicle he was driving struck a tree. The driver did not suffer injuries in the accident, but a few of his passengers did. One of the people in the vehicle died, and the other two suffered serious injuries in the collision.

Motor vehicle accidents: New drivers with teenage passengers

Although there are always crash risks on the West Virginia highways, the added traffic volumes during the holidays and the fewer daylight hours in the winter make driving more dangerous. The chances of motor vehicle accidents are even higher for teenage drivers who lack the experience to deal with emergencies. Furthermore, the risks are exacerbated if teen drivers have passengers with them.

Safety authorities say research indicates that the crash risk for a teen driver increases by more than 40 percent with even only one teenage passenger in the vehicle. For this reason, restrictions exist for teenage drivers when it comes to passengers. There is typically a period during which only one family member over a certain age is allowed. After the initial period, one non-family member will be allowed in the vehicle with a teen driver, and they must all wear seat belts.

Slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against university

Attending college football games has long been a major event for fans in West Virginia and all across the nation. Tailgating or gathering with friends prior to the game is a social event some may enjoy more than the game itself. While tailgating or just to avoid heavily trafficked areas, many ticketholders park in one area and ride buses to the stadium. Unfortunately, a woman in another state was injured after she fell while walking to board a bus to take her to a game last year. She has recently filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against the university and the city for their negligence that contributed to her injuries.

In Sept. 2017, a woman was planning to attend a college football game. She was walking in a handicap parking zone toward a bus loading zone that was near the home of the university's president. She intended to ride the bus to the stadium where the football game was to take place. However, on her way to board the bus, she slipped and fell on some pine straw and other debris.

Oilfield service company underpaid workers

Wyoming Casing Service Inc. must pay nearly $1.2 million to employees for back wages. The U.S. Department of Labor investigated the North Dakota-based oilfield service company and found wage violations at nine of its locations. One location was in Weston, West Virginia.

Slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against supermarket chain

Companies in West Virginia and all across the country frequently use distribution centers to store their products. These warehouses are often hubs of activity as items are delivered there and stored before being divided and then dispersed to other businesses nationwide. Many people and machines are at work in theses types of facilities each day. Unfortunately, with this much activity, there is also an opportunity for accidents. A woman in another state recently filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against a supermarket chain after an accident at one of their distribution centers.

According to court documents, a woman had been delivering freight to one of the supermarket's warehouses in June 2018. The lawsuit states that the woman slipped because of some uneven concrete at the site. The accident occurred in the early morning hours and the area was reportedly dark. After the fall, the woman had to be transported to an area hospital because she could not feel her legs.

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 taken to hospital in West Virginia

Even with normal, everyday traffic, getting to and from work can be a challenge for most people in West Virginia and elsewhere. When motor vehicle accidents occur along commuters' routes, they can shut down major arteries and cause delays that last for hours. Such was the case recently because of a crash on I-79 that affected the morning rush hour.

The accident occurred early in the morning of Monday, Nov. 12, in Roane County and involved two cars. Although details about the crash are scant, reports said the accident caused the interstate to be shut down in both directions between the Amma and Wallback exits. Authorities asked that drivers avoid the area if at all possible.

Slip-and-fall accident at Walmart leaves man dead

Many West Virginia residents, others around the country and the globe shop at the thousands of Walmart stores located worldwide. Customers who patronize these stores assume that they will have a safe shopping experience, while in the facility as well as in the areas outside. However, Walmart was recently sued by a family following a fatal slip-and-fall accident that occurred outside a store in another state.

In May 2018, a 67-year-old was in the auto service area of a Walmart store. As he exited his car, the man fell after he tripped on some damaged concrete. The  man reportedly suffered fractured ribs, a broken wrist and blood clots. The lawsuit also stated that he had multiple abrasions and contusions from the fall. According to documents, the man died a week later from injuries suffered in the fall.

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