Does your employer have to compensate you for travel time?

Many oil and gas workers and other employees here in West Virginia do a lot of driving in connection to their work. Are workers entitled to compensation for their travel time?

It depends on the specifics of the travel. There are federal rules in place regarding what does and does not count as work time for compensation and overtime purposes. Some types of travel time qualify as work time under these rules, while others do not.

What you need to know about West Virginia's nurse overtime act

If you are just starting out in the nursing practice, you’re probably finding how valuable your services can be — all day long! But, at the point your workload becomes overwhelming, it’s fair to wonder why you aren’t catching a break.

Because it’s so important that nurses are of sound body, mind and health while providing aid, West Virginia law has specific restrictions on the amount of overtime a nurse can work. Read on to learn if you are passing your quota.

1 facing numerous drug charges following search of home

When authorities receive information about the possible presence of drug activity in the area, they are generally obligated to initiate an investigation. Those who become involved in a similar incident may feel somewhat intimidated by the process, and they might be uncertain how to respond should they stand accused of wrongdoing. A recent investigation in West Virginia has left a 31-year-old woman facing multiple drug charges.

According to reports, the incident was part of a recent investigation into reports of drug activity at a local home. This investigation reportedly led to the search of a local residence, and during the search, authorities claim to have uncovered the presence of multiple packages containing unspecified amounts of methamphetamine. In addition, police allegedly located multiple items of drug paraphernalia, including digital scales.

1 facing drunk driving charges following alleged pursuit

A 21-year-old man has been arrested and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol after allegedly attempting to evade a traffic stop in West Virginia. Attempting to evade authorities is never advisable, and such a decision may only increase suspicions of the presence of wrongdoing. Individuals who stand accused of drunk driving under similar circumstances may wish to prepare for what comes next by focusing on their defense, but the process can be intimidating.

According to law enforcement agents, the incident took place after officers claimed to have encountered a vehicle traveling in the wrong lane of traffic. After allegedly witnessing the vehicle move in and out of the lane, police say they attempted to initiate a traffic stop. However, upon activating lights and sirens, they claim the driver began to lead them on a short pursuit.

6 Myths about Overtime Exemptions in the Oil and Gas Industry

Employees working in the oil and gas industry work high-risk jobs. These individuals deserve to be properly compensated, but history tends to repeat itself when it comes to underpayment. The U.S. Department of Labor investigates hundreds of cases yearly concerning oil and gas workers receiving inaccurate and/or unfair wages. Even more cases are brought as private lawsuits by workers who have been underpaid by their employers.

Employee misclassification is a tactic that oil and gas companies may use to avoid paying their workers overtime.  By classifying an employee as "exempt" or hiring them as an independent contractor, employers think (oftentimes wrongly) that they can contract around the wage and hour requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), such as paying overtime.

2 facing drug charges after traffic stop in West Virginia

Being the subject of a routine traffic stop can be intimidating, and the average person may lack the necessary experience to know how best to handle the situation. Individuals who become involved in a traffic stop may also find it beneficial to understand how their actions during this process might influence the outcome of the situation. Two individuals are facing drug charges after a passenger allegedly attempted to leave a vehicle during a traffic stop in West Virginia.

According to reports, authorities initiated the traffic stop in a parking lot on a recent Wednesday. They claim that the man behind the wheel didn't have a valid driver's license, and upon approaching the vehicle, they assert that the occupants were exhibiting suspicious behavior. While speaking with the driver, authorities say that the passenger attempted to leave the vehicle with a bag in her hand.

Off-duty police officer arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

There are a variety of scenarios in which a person might exhibit erratic driving behavior. In some cases, it may take little more than a moment of inattention to cause an individual to experience difficulty maintaining proper lane control. Unfortunately, an off-duty police officer has been arrested and accused of drunk driving during a recent traffic stop after he was pulled over for driving erratically and pulling a trailer with a burnt-out tail light in West Virginia.

Law enforcement agents advised that the incident took place on a recent Sunday as they encountered a vehicle that was pulling a trailer with a burnt-out tail light. An officer also asserts that the driver was exhibiting erratic behavior, and a routine traffic stop was initiated. Field sobriety tests were conducted during this period, and after he allegedly failed to perform them in a satisfactory manner, he was taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving.

Traffic stop for burnt-out taillights leads to drug charges for 2

While being involved in a traffic stop can be stressful, it might result in little more than a warning or a monetary fine. However, should authorities feel as though the occupants of a vehicle are exhibiting suspicious behavior, they may be inclined to further investigate the matter. Two individuals are facing drug charges after one man allegedly fled the scene of a recent traffic stop on foot in West Virginia.

Law enforcement agents claim that the traffic stop was initiated after officers encountered a driver that was operating a vehicle with burnt-out taillights. After initiating the stop, police claim that the driver fled the scene on foot and that a passenger refused to provide them with the man's name. For reasons unspecified, authorities proceeded to perform a search of the vehicle, which allegedly unearthed around 10 grams of methamphetamine, and the passenger was taken into custody.

3 facing drug charges following traffic stop in West Virginia

There can be a great deal of traffic that goes in and out of many hotel parking lots on a daily basis. However, when high volumes of traffic are heading to one specific room or vehicle, law enforcement agents may become suspicious of the possible presence of unlawful activity. Three individuals have been arrested and each is facing drug charges following a recent incident in the parking lot of a hotel in West Virginia.

According to reports, law enforcement agents claim they became suspicious of the potential presence of wrongdoing upon locating a vehicle with all four doors open in the parking lot of a local hotel. After allegedly witnessing numerous individuals approach and walk away from the vehicle, authorities decided to further investigate the matter. They assert that they could not find a match for the vehicle's registration in the database, and after locating an expired inspection sticker after the vehicle left the lot, they initiated a routine traffic stop.

1 facing felony charges after alleged domestic violence incident

Many couples may experience heated arguments at times, but these incidents rarely escalate into threats of violence or harm. However, in some cases, an altercation can grow out of control and leave one person with injuries and another accused of domestic violence. A man has recently been arrested and is facing felony charges in relation to his alleged involvement in a domestic dispute in West Virginia.

According to reports, the incident took place at the man's home just before 5 p.m. on a recent Monday. Law enforcement agents responded to the scene where he placed a call, claiming that his wife was trespassing on his property. Upon arriving at the home, police claim to have noticed that the woman exhibited signs of physical harm and determined that the man had strangled her.

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