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2 charged with drug crimes after traffic stop

A traffic stop that occurred in West Virginia on Aug. 9 resulted in two people being taken into police custody. According to the report, the incident took place in Alum Creek.

When officers pulled over the defendants’ vehicle for a traffic stop, officers allegedly smelled the odor of marijuana. When they searched the vehicle, they reportedly seized marijuana that was packaged for sale, psilocybin mushrooms and alprazolam. Additionally, four young children were in the vehicle when the traffic stop was conducted.

A man and a woman were taken into police custody and charged with multiple drug-related crimes, including possession with intent to deliver, transportation of a controlled substance into the state, conspiracy to commit a felony and child neglect creating risk of injury. The driver was also charged for driving on a revoked license. At the time the report was released, both individuals remained in a local jail. It was stated that custody of the children was given to Child Protective Services.

The consequences for those who are convicted on drug charges can be major. Depending upon the unique circumstances of the case, those who are convicted may face a lengthy prison sentence, probation upon release from prison and hefty fines. An attorney may be able to provide legal advice for their client regarding the best way to proceed with their case and whether they may be able to fight the charges. For example, if a traffic stop was not legal, the attorney may be able to have any evidence seized during the traffic stop held inadmissible in court. Otherwise, they may be able to work out a plea bargain that reduces the severity of both the charges and consequences.

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