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4 people charged in raid in West Virginia

Four people were taken into custody after West Virginia police issued search warrants at multiple locations on Nov. 6. The arrests were the result of two police departments collaborating over a month-long investigation. The Ceredo Drug Unit and other authorities issued two warrants to three locations. Police also issued two summons to people unnamed on the warrants as well. The search and seizure operation was described as a huge success. Police expect to file more charges as a result.

Police took two men and two women into custody for an array of criminal offenses. Police also recovered drug paraphernalia and a wide variety of drugs during the search and seizure. In addition, police also confiscated 17 weapons, some alleged to be stolen property. Each of the accused might benefit from seeking the advice of a criminal defense lawyer before answering any of the investigators’ questions.

Defense lawyers in this particular case may focus on challenging the legality of the investigation. Misconduct, a procedural error or a violation of the subject’s rights may result in critical evidence being barred from trial. If the evidence recovered during the operation is considered inadmissible in court, the prosecution may not have a strong enough case to bring to trial. If legal counsel can expose an egregious error committed by investigators or prosecutors, the presiding judge may dismiss the charges or the case in its entirety.

Lawyers are often instrumental in preventing defendants from making self-incriminating statements that could lead to a conviction later on. Legal counsel may also be able to investigate the arrest and help evaluate the options available for reaching the most amicable outcome for the defendant. If a dismissal or acquittal seems unlikely, a lawyer may still be able to negotiate a reasonable plea bargain with the prosecutor.

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