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West Virginia woman charged with drug crime

On Dec. 22, it was reported that authorities took a 27-year-old West Virginia woman into custody after she was accused of being involved in a marijuana drug deal. The woman was accused of dealing with a man who was believed to be involved in a murder that occurred in the same area where the alleged deal went down.

Authorities stated that the accused woman set up a drug sale for the man who was later accused of murder. The man reportedly gave the woman several thousand dollars in cash to purchase three pounds of marijuana. The alleged drug deal was to take place on Dec. 18.

It was stated that the woman exited the van to see if the person who was selling the marijuana was alone. When she saw that he was not, she allegedly returned to the van. They then parked the van around the corner until the man was alone. She reportedly purchased the marijuana from the man. This man was later believed to be murdered.

The accused woman was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to deliver. It was not known if she would face charges associated with the alleged murder of the man she supposedly bought drugs from.

If a person is facing drug charges, there are several defenses that an attorney may utilize. If the person was caught buying drugs for another person, the attorney may present the argument that the accused person was pressured into being involved in the alleged drug crime, especially if there is evidence that the accused person did actually not use the drugs. Otherwise, the attorney may negotiate with the prosecution to reduce the severity of the consequences.

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