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West Virginia men arrested on felony drug charges

Officers in McDowell County have arrested two men they believe were selling drugs in the area. The arrest came after officers obtained and executed a search warrant. The men were arrested around 9 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 16, after police raided the property and found numerous illegal substances.

The items seized in the raid included what is described as a large amount of prescription medication, marijuana, unspecified drug paraphernalia and undisclosed amounts of cash. The two men involved in this case have each been charged with several drug crimes, including possession with intent to deliver a Schedule I controlled substance, a Schedule II controlled substance and a Schedule III controlled substance. They also face charges for felony conspiracy.

Police took the men into custody, and they have already been arraigned by the court. They each were held on a $70,000 bond and were transferred to the McDowell County holding unit while they await transportation to the South Western Regional Jail.

In criminal cases involving drug charges, there are many steps a criminal defense attorney may be able to take to help a defendant. In some instances, a careful review of the evidence may show that a warrant or other pertinent information was not legally obtained, and that would rule the evidence seized during the search inadmissible. Even when all evidence is fully admissible and there was no violation of the suspects’ rights, an attorney may still be able to negotiate lower charges or consequences to help minimize the long-term effects of the event. The attorney can also take steps to see that the defendant’s rights are protected throughout the legal proceedings.

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