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Exercising your rights

We read recently of a traffic stop a few miles southeast of Weirton in Washington, Pennsylvania. The 28-year-old driver apparently committed a traffic violation which caused police there to pull her over. As an officer spoke to her, he noticed a plastic bag sticking out of her bra.

What's the worst that can happen?

We have probably all heard at one time about penalties a driver can be subject to if caught and convicted of drunk driving. But let's take another look at just what a driver can be up against here in Weirton when the police lights go on behind you and you are arrested for DUI.

West Virginia woman faces prescription drug charges

If you drive about three hours south of Weirton, you will come to the Charleston suburb of Summersville, famous for sitting right next to West Virginia's biggest lake, with which the town shares its name. It's there that a woman working at a medical center was recently arrested for allegedly illegally obtaining prescription drugs.

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