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Not All is Good at All Good Music Festival

It’s about a four-hour drive from Weirton to Summit Point, West Virginia. But for fans of Primus, Cake and other bands at the All Good Music Festival, the drive this past weekend was worth it.

A notable exception should be made for those festival attendees arrested for felony drug distribution or drug possession. A West Virginia State Police Captain said 31 people were taken into custody, with 86 felony counts filed against them during the three-day event.

Officers with the Eastern Panhandle Drug and Violent Crime Task Force apparently seized nearly $50,000 worth of illegal drugs from Friday through Sunday.

That’s not even the entire story, as Jefferson County law enforcement arrested another 46 people on misdemeanor drug possession charges and 9 for felony drug distribution. The state trooper said that if the festival returns, he would like to have even more officers under his command to make even more arrests.

About 15,000 people attended the event headlined by stars of 1990s: alternative metal icons Primus and the postmodern, post-grunge rock of Cake. News reports said the bill also included STS9, Dark Star Orchestra, moe., Lotus and Keller Williams, among others.

Those facing serious drug charges involving the sale or possession of heroin, meth, prescription drugs, cocaine, etc., know their potential punishments include incarceration. For those facing a so-called “third strike” (a third felony conviction), the stakes are even higher as the punishments are even more severe.

A criminal defense attorney experienced in drug possession and drug sales defenses is vital to protecting your rights and your freedom. At the Law Office of P. Zachary Stewart, we put our knowledge and experience to work immediately, examining the evidence and allegations so that we can represent you in negotiations or at trial.

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