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Police arrest 9 individuals on drug charges

One police department in West Virginia has spent the past couple of months investing drug distribution in the local area. So far, the police have made nine arrests as a result of the investigation. These individuals have been arrested on drug charges specifically involving crack and heroin.

The individuals who were recently taken into custody range in age from 20 to 41 years old. Their charges include distributing heroin as well as conspiring to distribute this drug. One person was also arrested for distributing an imitation of heroin.

Another charge includes distributing crack cocaine. Each of the suspects was awaiting arraignment at a regional jail. Police said they were still searching for three more individuals wanted for distributing heroin. The ages of the three people being sought are 23, 24 and 50.

If appropriate to a defendant’s circumstances, the person’s criminal defense might see if there is a possibility of striking a plea deal with the prosecution. A plea agreement might offer the benefit of a more lenient sentence for the defendant compared with what usually would result following a finding of guilt at trial. Every person facing drug charges also has the right to go to trial, where he or she forces prosecutors to prove the allegations by evidence that meets the criminal justice system’s requirements in West Virginia. In either situation, defense counsel will push for an outcome that is ultimately in the accused individual’s best interest while also striving to ensure that the person’s rights are not violated during the criminal proceeding.

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