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June 2016 Archives

2 couples face drug charges in West Virginia

Four individuals are currently facing drug charges in West Virginia. The charges are linked to the operation of a drug laboratory at a mobile home park. The four people -- two men and their wives -- were arraigned on these drug charges on a recent Tuesday.

Why do I need an attorney if I’m innocent?

Attorneys across the United States hear this question time and time again: “If I am innocent, what is the point of having an attorney?” The concept makes sense if everything plays out perfectly. The perfect scenario would look something like this: A man gets charged with a crime. The man knows he didn’t do it and during questioning, he is open and honest about every aspect of his involvement in the case. Interrogators believe what the man says, drop the charges and the man is free to go.

2 face drug charges after teen dies from drug overdose

A young man who just graduated from high school recently lost his life and two other people also suffered harm due to overdosing on drugs. A man and a woman have been arrested in connection with the three overdoses in West Virginia. These two individuals currently face multiple drug charges.

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