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2 couples face drug charges in West Virginia

Four individuals are currently facing drug charges in West Virginia. The charges are linked to the operation of a drug laboratory at a mobile home park. The four people — two men and their wives — were arraigned on these drug charges on a recent Tuesday.

The men, both age 37, face charges of running a clandestine lab for producing drugs. Meanwhile, the women, age 36 and 37, face charges of possessing precursors to methamphetamine. All of these charges are felony charges.

According to police, a narcotics unit in a West Virginia county started to investigate after receiving tips that the men were running a lab at an empty trailer. The man had reportedly purchased a precursor to methamphetamine known as pseudoephedrine four times since April, and he was barred from buying it several other times. Meanwhile, his wife is said to have also purchased it four times since April and was blocked one time. The other couple had reportedly purchased this precursor eight times since April.

When people face drug charges in West Virginia, it is within their rights to go to trial to fight these charges. Alternatively, they might decide to pursue plea deals with the prosecution, if they are available. Typically, the terms of any plea deal offered by prosecutors depend on how strong the prosecution’s evidence is. Nevertheless, when the evidence is strong, a plea deal might offer the advantage of reduced charges and a lighter sentence compared with what would normally be rendered if a conviction were to be earned at trial.

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