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Man accused of drunk driving after hitting telephone pole

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2016 | Drunk Driving

A single-vehicle accident has led to the arrest of one man in West Virginia. The alleged drunk driving accident took place earlier this year and recently resulted in the man’s being taken into custody. The man facing a charge of DUI is 25 years old.

On a recent Monday, police charged the man in connection with striking a phone post while his blood alcohol content was .12. The legal limit for driving is .08. Thus, the man has been charged with driving under the influence as well as failing to report the accident.

The accident reportedly occurred when the man was operating a pickup truck on a road and suddenly hit the telephone post. The pole was severely damaged, and the phone lines were torn down. Lines were even ripped away from a house. The man then allegedly hid in a barn before being found by police and transported to the hospital for the treatment of his injuries. Police said his blood alcohol content at the time of the accident was later discovered after a search warrant of the man’s medical records was executed.

People who are accused of drunk driving in West Virginia may face jail time or have their driver’s licenses suspended if they end up being convicted at trial. The problems that this type of conviction can cause can be long term, preventing an individual from obtaining certain jobs or even renting vehicles. A person charged with DUI has the right to vigorously fight the charge at trial, where prosecutors must prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be secured.

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