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West Virginia police file drug charges against 2 travelers

Many West Virginia traffic stops end without incident. Others often result in traffic offenses being issued against drivers. Still, other situations are more serious, such as a recent stop that led to drug charges being filed against a driver and his passenger.

The two men were apparently traveling through Berkeley Springs on a recent Sunday morning. A police officer stationed along the road says he noticed the pickup truck in which they were rising moving at excessive speeds. The officer also stated the vehicle veered across the center line of traffic.

After pulling the pickup over, the officer requested the driver’s permission to search it. He later said permission was denied so he used a K-9 unit to scan the vehicle. The dog reportedly alerted the officer to the driver’s side of the pickup truck.

At that point, the officer conducted a search of the vehicle and claims to have found a substantial amount of drugs, including methamphetamine and Ecstasy. Various other items and paraphernalia which — according to law enforcement — are commonly associated with drug use were also seized in the search. One of the men denied knowing there were any drugs in the vehicle. Typically, anything said to a police officer can later be offered to incriminate a defendant in court; for this reason, many people facing such circumstances request assistance from a criminal lawyer before answering any questions. Any man or woman currently facing drug charges in West Virginia can seek guidance by contacting a defense attorney in the area.

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