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Building a strong defense when facing drug charges

Misdemeanor or felony criminal charges of any kind are serious, and a potential conviction is a threat to a defendant’s future and freedom. No matter the nature of the charges against you, it is critical to take quick action to protect your rights and confront the charges appropriately. If you are currently facing drug charges in West Virginia, the time to seek defense help is as soon as possible after an arrest.  

Even misdemeanor drug charges can bring serious penalties, including fines, jail time and more. Conviction of a felony will typically result in time behind bars, expensive fines and other penalties that may derail the direction of your life. Any conviction will be a blight on your criminal record and could impact your future career and/or educational opportunities. 

The stakes are high, but we know what you are up against. We can build a strong defense for you by first evaluating the evidence against you. If there is a problem with the prosecution’s case or your rights were violated during the search and seizure process, we will fight to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed. We will fight for the most beneficial outcome to your case, no matter how serious the charges against you may be.  

Drug charges should be taken seriously, and they merit the assistance of a defense attorney knowledgeable in West Virginia drug laws and the criminal justice system. Do not face these charges alone, but secure help as soon as possible. You have rights and options, and you can learn more by scheduling a case evaluation.  


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