Safety advocates warn drivers about the dangers of texting. Studies show that texting behind the wheel can be as dangerous as drunk driving. Indeed, texting while intoxicated behind the wheel may be a recipe for disaster. One woman is facing an uncertain future after being accused of these offenses.

The 23-year-old was driving her pickup truck just after 3 A.M. when she allegedly crossed the line into the path of a West Virginia police officer. The officer, who was able to avoid a collision by leaving the roadway, turned his vehicle around and activated his emergency lights to pursue the pickup. He reported that the driver then turned off the truck lights and made a sharp right turn onto a side street. When the officer caught up with her, he said he smelled alcohol on her and noticed her eyes were red and glassy.

The woman’s blood alcohol content was supposedly .127. The officer said that she admitted crossing the line because she was texting, and she gave him permission to search her phone. It was then that the officer apparently saw a text the woman had sent just over an hour earlier that read, “I’m so drunk.” Police arrested the woman and charged her with felony DUI for attempting to flee.

This young West Virginia woman now faces the possibility of some of the strictest drunk driving penalties in the country. In addition to jail time, she may be fined thousands of dollars if convicted. The felony charge will certainly intensify any sentence she receives if found guilty. To minimize the negative consequences, the woman will benefit from the solid defense strategy of an experienced attorney.

Source:, “Police: Woman charged for felony DUI texted boyfriend ‘I’m so drunk’“, Dec. 26, 2016