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Strong criminal defense needed for couple facing felony charges

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Drug addiction can become all-consuming. Under the influence of drugs, people have been known to commit heinous acts. Additionally, when addicts experience cravings for their drug of choice, they may resort to almost anything to procure the substance. One West Virginia couple will need a strong criminal defense in the face of felony charges following a violent attack allegedly committed to obtain money for drugs.

An elderly woman was heard screaming in her home, and neighbors apparently found her bleeding on the basement floor. Police reported she had been beaten with a marble rolling pin, a baseball bat and a sledge hammer. In addition, her wrist had been cut before she was dragged down the basement stairs. The girlfriend of the elderly woman’s son is said to have confessed to the assault.

Police reports say the girlfriend attacked the woman while the man was upstairs in his bedroom. The girlfriend was allegedly trying to get the woman to hand over her bank card so the girlfriend could purchase dilaudids, her apparent drug of choice. After the assault, the couple reportedly drove to an ATM for money, then purchased drugs and alcohol before driving to a nearby lake.

Although the son claims no involvement in the incident, both he and his girlfriend are charged with numerous felonies, including first-degree armed robbery, violent crimes against the elderly, felony conspiracy and attempted murder. Each is being held in a West Virginia jail on $1 million bond. Their criminal defense may include attempts to reduce the attempted murder charges.

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