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2 men facing multiple drug charges in West Virginia

Clearly, being convicted of a felony has negative consequences. Those who are facing this possibility typically seek to defend against the charges, but having little knowledge of the criminal justice system can make it challenging. Seeking legal advice is typically the best choice in these circumstances. This may be the case for two men in West Virginia who were recently arrested and are now facing multiple drug charges.

After hearing rumors of drug activity, police say they set out to investigate the house in question. Upon entering it, they reportedly found several individuals allegedly waiting to buy drugs from two men. Upon searching the residence, police claim to have found crack cocaine and Fentanyl. The men were taken into custody for suspicion of possession with intent to deliver.

Charges of this nature often lead to time behind bars if a conviction is actually secured in court. Even if a jail sentence is avoided, the results can be detrimental to one’s future.  An experienced attorney can examine all evidence against a client and help determine the best course of action.

There are several things to consider when facing similar charges. Prosecutors may have a difficult time proving ownership of drugs or drug paraphernalia. In addition, the validity of the search may be in question if any rights appear to have been violated in the process. Those in West Virginia who are facing drug charges may find it beneficial to speak with a criminal law attorney for advice on pursuing the best overall outcome in their situation. A successful defense may help reduce charges against a person, and in some cases, the charges may be dropped altogether.

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