Traffic stop leads to drug charges for 2 in West Virginia

Authorities are required to have reasonable suspicion of a crime before initiating the search of a vehicle during a traffic stop. Similar searches have led to the arrest of countless individuals over the years, who are often subjected to subsequent criminal accusations. Two individuals are facing drug charges after they were arrested during a recent traffic stop in West Virginia.

Bus driver in West Virginia accused of drunk driving

Facing criminal accusations for driving under the influence of alcohol can be stressful and challenging. If convicted, a person will be facing severe penalties, which often include significant fines and time behind bars. If the accused individual was transporting minors at the time, he or she may be facing additional charges in relation. A school bus driver in West Virginia was recently arrested and accused of drunk driving with minors involved.

Man facing drug charges after getting his car stuck in a ditch

Being accused of a drug-related crime can create various hardships for an individual. Convictions for drug charges are severe and can have a negative impact on a person in many areas of life. A man may be experiencing difficulty in similar areas after he was arrested and is now facing charges following a single-vehicle accident in West Virginia.

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