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Man facing drug charges after getting his car stuck in a ditch

Being accused of a drug-related crime can create various hardships for an individual. Convictions for drug charges are severe and can have a negative impact on a person in many areas of life. A man may be experiencing difficulty in similar areas after he was arrested and is now facing charges following a single-vehicle accident in West Virginia.

According to police, a call was placed about a car that was stuck in a nearby ditch. Upon arrival, authorities claim that the driver of the car was attempting to dig the front tire out of the ditch in order to leave the scene. The officer claims that the driver was unsteady and that his eyes were bloodshot at the time. He was taken to a nearby parking lot and field sobriety tests were administered, which the officer claims he failed.

He was taken into custody shortly after, and a search of his vehicle allegedly uncovered a small amount of marijuana and a pipe. The officer also claims that after being accused of driving under the influence, the man claimed innocence, stating that he had only smoked marijuana. The man is now facing charges for driving under the influence as well as possession of a controlled substance.

When an individual is facing drug charges, he or she may find it beneficial to avoid responding until legal counsel is consulted. Words spoken during this period can have a significant impact on the outcome. When facing a similar situation, many people in West Virginia speak with an experienced attorney in the early stages of the process for assistance in obtaining the most favorable outcome given the circumstances.

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