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Traffic stop leads to drug charges for 2 in West Virginia

Authorities are required to have reasonable suspicion of a crime before initiating the search of a vehicle during a traffic stop. Similar searches have led to the arrest of countless individuals over the years, who are often subjected to subsequent criminal accusations. Two individuals are facing drug charges after they were arrested during a recent traffic stop in West Virginia.

According to police, the two were involved in a routine traffic stop on a Monday. Authorities claim that during the stop, they allegedly discovered various amounts of marijuana, pills and methamphetamine, along with various other drug paraphernalia and a large sum of cash. Both of the accused were taken into custody and are reportedly facing multiple charges in relation to the incident.

There was no indication of what may have led to the traffic stop, or reasons given for suspicion of criminal activity that would have led to the search of the vehicle. Regardless of the crime alleged, every individual has rights that must not be violated in the search process. If the procedures used during the search are in violation of a person’s rights, the charges against may be reduced or, in some cases, dropped entirely.

The process of challenging drug charges can be stressful and challenging to endure alone. Those who are accused of a similar crime often choose to speak with a defense attorney early on for assistance throughout the process. An attorney in West Virginia can evaluate the evidence against an individual, advise him or her of the possible consequences, and assist in forming a defense strategy focused on obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.

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