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Criminal defense often necessary for those accused of robbery

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Criminal Defense

Many individuals throughout the years have faced criminal charges following allegations made by an acquaintance. Even without the presence of viable evidence, an accused individual will likely find that the criminal defense process can be stressful and intimidating. Similar accusations could also have an impact on one’s reputation within the community, even if only temporarily. A West Virginia man was recently arrested in relation to a theft that is said to have taken place three months prior.

The incident in question reportedly occurred in February when a person filed a report with the police, claiming that the man had struck him in the face numerous times before stealing his cell phone and a small amount of cash. He claims to have known the accused man for a couple of years and identified him by name. According to police, the alleged victim had several facial injuries, one of which required stitches.

Several months later, authorities located and arrested the individual now accused of the crime. The charges against him include a felony offense of robbery and misdemeanor petit larceny. Penalties for a robbery involving violence of this nature are severe, and the defendant would face multiple years in prison if convicted, along with the potential of significant monetary fines.

Even if the accusations are simply the words of another individual, a person who is accused of a crime might find it beneficial to seek guidance for the road ahead. Individuals in West Virginia who wish to protect themselves from potentially disastrous consequences often speak with an attorney for assistance in the process. A criminal defense attorney can thoroughly examine the evidence and charges against a client and assist him or her in pursuing the best possible outcome during criminal proceedings.

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