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Failure to move for police vehicle leads to drug charges for 2

Emergency vehicles generally have lights and indicators that are intended to inform nearby drivers of a need to pass. Failing to adhere to these indicators can land an individual in hot water. Two individuals in West Virginia were recently arrested on drug charges after they were pulled over for allegedly failing to move out of the way of a police vehicle that had activated its emergency lights.

A woman was pulled over after allegedly failing to remove herself from the path of the police cruiser. During this traffic stop, they claim to have discovered that the woman was under the influence of drugs. Furthermore, they also assert that a passenger in the vehicle was in possession of various amounts of narcotics, including marijuana, fentanyl and cocaine.

Both were taken into custody following the incident. According to reports, the driver now faces DUI charges, while the passenger has been accused of possession of narcotics with intent to deliver. There was no indication of how police determined the driver to be intoxicated, or how they came to be suspicious of drug-related criminal activity, other than the apparent inability to adhere to emergency vehicle indicators.

When accused of similar crimes, individuals might find it beneficial to be aware of their rights. Since these might not be common knowledge, an individual accused of drug charges in West Virginia will likely find it beneficial to seek counsel from someone with experience in handling accusations of drug crimes. A defense attorney can guide an accused individual throughout the process by examining his or her current situation and providing advice on the best course of action with which to proceed.

Source:, “West Virginia pair arrested after traffic stop reveals possession of drugs on I-81“, Cale Ahearn, May 11, 2017

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