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1 facing drug charges after visiting grandson in jail

There are many individuals across the country who have someone close that is currently behind bars. When visiting a loved one in jail, one must be careful to avoid certain actions, such as attempting to pass anything improper along, as doing so could lead to criminal allegations. A woman in West Virginia is facing drug charges after authorities claim she recently provided illegal substances to her grandson while visiting him in jail.

According to reports, the woman was visiting her grandson in a local jail when a guard claims to have caught wind of a suspicious interaction between the two. Upon attempting to search the man, they say he tried to run, and told his grandmother to do the same. After catching up with him, they assert that he was in possession of numerous drinking straws that allegedly held illegal narcotics, including heroin.

Since authorities say there was no record of any other visitors, this apparently led them to believe that the drugs were provided by his grandmother. She was arrested soon thereafter, and is facing numerous drug-related charges as a result, including possession and delivery of illegal narcotics. A conviction for similar charges carries severe penalties which could have a substantial impact on the future of an individual.

With the potential weight of the consequences for drug charges, seeking guidance as soon as the charges are filed is generally advisable. Those who face similar allegations may find it beneficial to speak with a defense attorney for advice on the best way to approach the situation. An attorney can assist a client in West Virginia in forming a strong defense, which could prove invaluable to pursuing the best possible outcome during legal proceedings.

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