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4 facing drug charges following search of motel in West Virginia

Law enforcement agents across the nation make use of a variety of measures in an effort to reduce the flow of drug activity. Being accused of a drug-related crime under similar circumstances can be a stressful and intimidating experience. Three individuals are facing drug charges after being arrested during a recent investigation that took place in West Virginia.

According to authorities, the investigation began after an undercover informant made a controlled purchase of an unspecified amount of methamphetamine from one of the individuals at a local business. This reportedly led authorities to obtain and execute a search warrant at a motel in the area. Police assert the search led to the arrest of three individuals, each of which was allegedly found to be in possession of unspecified amounts illegal narcotics, including methamphetamine and oxycodone.

All three area facing charges for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. A conviction for drug charges of this nature carries severe penalties that could have a major impact on a person’s future. Those who face similar circumstances may wish to protect themselves against potentially devastating consequences, but they may require assistance in the process.

Individuals who are accused of similar offenses may find it beneficial to seek advice from an attorney as soon as drug charges are filed against them. A defense attorney in West Virginia can examine a client’s situation and provide assistance in forming a strong defense for use during legal proceedings. If a conviction is unavoidable, an attorney can assist a client in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible given the situation.

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