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Employees performing casing services may receive improper pay

Casing Services employees may be entitled to overtime payment.

Many casing services workers in the oil and gas industry are paid on the quantity of work performed or on a per job basis. The quantity of work or piece rate basis of pay includes, but may not be limited to, payments made on a per foot of pipe laid basis for “longstring” work and payments made on a per job basis for “surface jobs”. The hours worked on tasks paid on a piece part or a per job basis must be counted in the total hours worked during a workweek and all hours over 40 hours must be paid at an overtime premium of one and one-half times the employee’s regular rate.

In addition, if employees receive non-discretionary bonuses, piece rate pay for longstring work or per job pay for surface jobs, this additional pay must be included in the employee’s regular rate in the calculation of their overtime pay. Many employers who do pay overtime for hours worked over 40 in a work week, base the calculation of overtime on the employee’s hourly rate of pay and do not add the additional compensation for bonuses, piece rate or per job payment to that hourly rate.

As a result, if you worked in the casing services and were paid either a piece rate or on a per job basis, your employer could be required to pay you up to three years of back wages for unpaid overtime or miscalculated overtime premium, penalties under the Fair Labor Standards Act and attorney fees.

If you work for an oil and gas company performing casing services and feel you were mispaid, call attorney Zachary Stewart for a free and confidential consultation today at 304-914-3577. Federal law allows you to recover only three years of back wages. Your claims may be expiring daily.

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