There can be a great deal of traffic that goes in and out of many hotel parking lots on a daily basis. However, when high volumes of traffic are heading to one specific room or vehicle, law enforcement agents may become suspicious of the possible presence of unlawful activity. Three individuals have been arrested and each is facing drug charges following a recent incident in the parking lot of a hotel in West Virginia.

According to reports, law enforcement agents claim they became suspicious of the potential presence of wrongdoing upon locating a vehicle with all four doors open in the parking lot of a local hotel. After allegedly witnessing numerous individuals approach and walk away from the vehicle, authorities decided to further investigate the matter. They assert that they could not find a match for the vehicle's registration in the database, and after locating an expired inspection sticker after the vehicle left the lot, they initiated a routine traffic stop.

During the stop, the driver was placed under arrest for operating on a revoked license, and after a K-9 unit allegedly indicated there were drugs in the vehicle, a search ensued. Authorities assert that a variety of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia were located within the vehicle, along with two firearms. All three were taken into custody soon thereafter, and each stands accused of possession with intent to deliver.

With the potential weight of a conviction for drug charges of this nature, those who face a similar situation may wish to prepare for what comes next by focusing on forming a strong defense. Since the criminal justice system can be complex, a person in West Virginia may find it advisable to retain the services of an attorney early in the process. An attorney can work toward protecting a client's legal rights and provide further assistance in pursuing the best outcome possible given the situation.

Source:, "Fairmont Police arrest 3 people on drug, conspiracy charges", May 3, 2018

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