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Slip-and-fall accident at Walmart leaves man dead

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Slip-And-Fall

Many West Virginia residents, others around the country and the globe shop at the thousands of Walmart stores located worldwide. Customers who patronize these stores assume that they will have a safe shopping experience, while in the facility as well as in the areas outside. However, Walmart was recently sued by a family following a fatal slip-and-fall accident that occurred outside a store in another state.

In May 2018, a 67-year-old was in the auto service area of a Walmart store. As he exited his car, the man fell after he tripped on some damaged concrete. The  man reportedly suffered fractured ribs, a broken wrist and blood clots. The lawsuit also stated that he had multiple abrasions and contusions from the fall. According to documents, the man died a week later from injuries suffered in the fall.

The lawsuit claims that Walmart had failed to properly maintain its facility and was negligent in not repairing the defect in the concrete. The man’s widow has filed the lawsuit, which seeks compensation for his death in excess of $25,000. Since Walmart has locations across the country, the lawsuit was moved to federal court. The court date has not been set.

Slip-and-fall accidents may lead to serious injuries or even deaths, such as in the recent incident at Walmart. Anyone who has lost a loved one in an accident like this may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a business for its negligence. A West Virginia personal injury attorney can provide guidance throughout the legal process. A knowledgeable lawyer will work diligently with a client to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in a case.

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