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Slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against supermarket chain

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Slip-And-Fall

Companies in West Virginia and all across the country frequently use distribution centers to store their products. These warehouses are often hubs of activity as items are delivered there and stored before being divided and then dispersed to other businesses nationwide. Many people and machines are at work in theses types of facilities each day. Unfortunately, with this much activity, there is also an opportunity for accidents. A woman in another state recently filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against a supermarket chain after an accident at one of their distribution centers.

According to court documents, a woman had been delivering freight to one of the supermarket’s warehouses in June 2018. The lawsuit states that the woman slipped because of some uneven concrete at the site. The accident occurred in the early morning hours and the area was reportedly dark. After the fall, the woman had to be transported to an area hospital because she could not feel her legs.

The records show that the woman claimed the supermarket chain had not posted warning signs around the area of the damaged concrete, thus no one was aware of the potential danger. In addition, she stated that the company had failed to provide adequate lighting the area and this also contributed to the accident. The woman has asked for a jury trial and monetary damages.

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in serious injury and lead to mountains of bills. Those involved in this type of accident may choose to file a lawsuit against the party deemed responsible for the accident. A West Virginia personal injury attorney will work with clients to seek an award in a lawsuit that will provide compensation for medical expenses, ongoing rehab costs and other damages.


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