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Slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against university

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2018 | Slip-And-Fall

Attending college football games has long been a major event for fans in West Virginia and all across the nation. Tailgating or gathering with friends prior to the game is a social event some may enjoy more than the game itself. While tailgating or just to avoid heavily trafficked areas, many ticketholders park in one area and ride buses to the stadium. Unfortunately, a woman in another state was injured after she fell while walking to board a bus to take her to a game last year. She has recently filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against the university and the city for their negligence that contributed to her injuries.

In Sept. 2017, a woman was planning to attend a college football game. She was walking in a handicap parking zone toward a bus loading zone that was near the home of the university’s president. She intended to ride the bus to the stadium where the football game was to take place. However, on her way to board the bus, she slipped and fell on some pine straw and other debris.

The woman had to undergo numerous surgeries as a result of the fall, which caused injuries to her hip and wrist and permanent impairment to her extremities. She claimed that the university had failed to correct the area around the bus boarding zone. In addition, there was no warning about the possible hazard there caused by the debris. Also, the lawsuit states that the walkways, parking lot and pickup area had not been properly maintained. The woman has asked for an unspecified amount of actual and punitive damages in the lawsuit.

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause serious injuries, such as in this incident en route to the football game. If someone has experienced injuries due to the negligence of a business or other institution, a victim may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit. A West Virginia attorney can work with clients to pursue a favorable outcome in a lawsuit that could provide compensation for medical or therapy expenses as well as an award for pain, suffering and loss of future income.


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