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Motor vehicle accidents and the consequences of drunk driving

Drunk driving is reckless and dangerous, and the consequences can often be deadly. A recent crash in Odd, West Virginia, that left one person dead illustrates the dangers of this type of negligent behavior and how it increases the chance of motor vehicle accidents. Though this collision involved just one car, the driver was allegedly drunk and had three passengers in the vehicle with him.

Reports of the accident indicate that the driver was speeding, when he apparently lost control of the vehicle and left the road. The vehicle he was driving struck a tree. The driver did not suffer injuries in the accident, but a few of his passengers did. One of the people in the vehicle died, and the other two suffered serious injuries in the collision.

The driver is facing multiple criminal charges as a result of drunk driving and the accident. Charges include DUI causing death, operating a vehicle without a license, leaving the scene of the an accident and DUI involving serious injuries. Additionally, he did not have the vehicle properly registered or have the right insurance. He is in the custody of West Virginia police, and whether or not he is convicted of these charges, the families of those harmed in this accident could have grounds to move forward with a civil claim.

Personal injury or wrongful death claims cannot reverse the damage done in motor vehicle accidents, but it can help victims and loved ones left behind pick up the pieces and move forward. If a person is the victim of a drunk driver, he or she could have a valid claim to financial compensation through one of these options. A complete evaluation of the case can help an accident victim understand the most appropriate course of action.


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