Flowers Food settles misclassification lawsuit for $9 million

Many companies in West Virginia and across the nation utilize independent contractors in addition to their regular workforce of employees. However, businesses often stumble when employing contractors, since the practice can often result in misclassification of workers. A major manufacturer of baked goods headquartered in another state recently settled a lawsuit that alleged the company had misclassified its distributors as contractors.

Shouldn’t I get paid for that?

If you clock in and out when you go to work, the hours you should get paid for may seem very clear. But, even then, it’s all too easy to get into the habit of doing work-related tasks unpaid.

Distraction still causing motor vehicle accidents in West Virgini

Distracted driving is a serious concern both in West Virginia and across the United States. With more people having access to cell phones and infotainment systems in vehicles than ever before, the number of distraction-related motor vehicle accidents continues to rise. Texting and driving is one of the most common and most dangerous forms of distracted driving.

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