Labor laws and what they say about your right to fair pay

As an employee in West Virginia, you believe that you have the right to fair pay. This means that you deserve rightful pay for the hours you worked, including overtime. Fortunately, there are federal laws in place that agree that you have these rights, such as the Federal Labor Standards Act. Thanks to the FLSA, you deserve fair pay and treatment from your employer. 

Swift settles misclassification lawsuit with truck drivers

There are many truck drivers in West Virginia and all across the country who are considered to be independent contractors at their places of employment. Often, companies use contractors as part of their workforces in addition to their full-time employees. While this arrangement can be beneficial to all parties involved, it can also be abused. Managers may begin treating their contractors just as they do their "regular" employees and violate labor laws. Recently, a major transportation company settled a lawsuit that stemmed from misclassification of its truck drivers as independent contractors.

Man sues NFL team after a slip-and-fall accident

Going to a National Football League game may be dream for many West Virginia residents and others around the country. Having an opportunity to watch professional players or support a favorite team would make it a highly anticipated experience. But what if that experience was marred by an accident? A Bengals season ticket holder recently sued the organization after a slip-and-fall incident at the team's stadium.

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