Misclassification of employees rampant in gig economy companies

Many so-called "gig economy companies" operate in West Virginia and all across the country. Some businesses, such as Uber or Lyft, offer ride-sharing services to customers. Companies like Grubhub or DoorDash deliver food from various restaurants to people's homes or offices. While most of the gig employees work as independent contractors, there is a growing concern that the companies who hire them are guilty of misclassification.

Unpaid work time: Dick's to pay $2.9 million to workers

Many West Virginia employees and others around the nation have activities they must perform before or after their specified work shifts. For example, employees have to walk to and from their cars to get to their workplaces. This type of activity would not be considered as part of their principal work activities and would, therefore, not be compensated according to Department of Labor laws. However, some companies try to add other preliminary or postliminary activities to their staff members. One corporation in another state recently settled a lawsuit for unpaid work time involving activities before their employees' designated work times.

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