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Owner of medical clinics found guilty in overtime and wage issues

When stories break about employees being cheated out of compensation, it is often assumed that it involves the service or retail industry. Unfortunately, workers in any occupation may struggle with overtime and wage issues. West Virginia workers who have been denied rightful compensation do have recourse under federal wage and hour laws.

Recently, the owners of several pediatric clinics were ordered to pay approximately $92,000 to 31 employees for back wages. According to an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor, the owners of the clinics failed to properly compensate their employees on multiple occasions. It was determined that, more than once, payroll was issued in spite of the fact that sufficient funds were not available to cover the paychecks. In addition, some workers were not credited with mandated overtime pay. 

One worker was found to have been classified as an independent contractor and was denied pay for weekly hours that exceeded 40 hours. Due to the lack of funds to cover payroll, the clinic owners were found in violation of minimum wage laws and also violated overtime rules for those workers who put were on the clock in excess of a 40-hour week. At the beginning of the investigation, there were 10 clinics under the management of the owners. By the time federal regulators released their findings, only three of the pediatric clinics remained in operation.

It is unclear how long the owners of the Nashville-based clinics have been given to ensure that workers are properly compensated for the wages that they are due. Every state is required to abide by the federal standards regarding overtime and wage issues. In Weirton and across West Virginia, workers who believe that they are not being properly compensated do have legal options for obtaining their rightful pay. An experienced attorney can provide guidance in seeking compensation from employers who have failed to follow either state or federal mandates regarding these vital matters.


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