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Slip-and-fall lawsuit given new life in appellate court

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Slip-And-Fall

Many West Virginia residents and others around the nation enjoy meeting family and friends at restaurants and bars. Good food and drinks, laughter and conversation are the typical expectations of these gatherings. Unfortunately, one such outing resulted in a serious slip-and-fall injury to a man in another state several years ago. His lawsuit against the establishment has recently been given new life after once thinking it would not continue.

In 2015, a man had gone to a pizza and sports bar for some drinks. According to court reports, although he had consumed two 12-ounce beers before leaving the restaurant, he was not intoxicated. As he was exiting, he slipped and fell on a portion of wet flooring. The man had to undergo numerous surgeries, has screws in his ankle and is forced to walk with a cane. He can no longer run or exercise and still experiences intermittent pain in his leg.

The man filed a lawsuit against the establishment, alleging that the restaurant had allowed a hazardous condition to exist for a period of time and did not make patrons aware of the situation. In the initial trial, a judge ruled that the man had no case against the restaurant because the evidence he presented was insufficient. However, an appellate court overturned that decision and is allowing the case to go to trial.

Whenever a slip-and-fall accident occurs, it is natural to investigate the surroundings at the time of the incident. If a business has been negligent in making its property safe for customers, grounds for a premises liability claim may exist. A West Virginia personal injury attorney can help with this process. A favorable award in a lawsuit can provide compensation for medical bills, therapy costs, lost wages and other damages as deemed appropriate.


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