A vehicle being driven erratically is certainly a cause for concern, whether on a road in West Virginia or elsewhere around the country. Out-of-control motorists are much more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents. Such was the case recently in Martinsburg, when a car recently crashed into a parked vehicle after driving through a fence.

According to officials from the West Virginia Department of Highways, a car was traveling in an allegedly suspicious manner in the northbound lane of Interstate 81. A state police officer on road patrol had spotted the vehicle and began to follow it. Although the officer tried to stop the car, the driver continued on the highway. After exiting the interstate a few miles later, the car hit a fence, then entered a parking lot.

In the lot, the car struck an unoccupied vehicle parked at the state’s Department of Highways, then caught on fire. A passenger in the back seat of the car, a 38-year-old woman, died on the scene as a result of the crash. The 36-year-old driver of the car and another passenger, a 37-year old woman, both suffered injuries after being trapped in the vehicle. One of the police officers at the scene also suffered minor injuries. Another unidentified passenger was transported via helicopter to a hospital with critical injuries.

According to West Virginia State Police, an investigation of the incident is ongoing. When distracted or negligent driving is determined in motor vehicle accidents like this, the victim’s family members may decide to file a personal injury lawsuit. A knowledgeable attorney can help families through the legal process. A favorable outcome in litigation can provide survivors with compensation for funeral expenses and other damages for grief, pain and suffering.