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Motor vehicle accidents: If a West Virginia driver is at fault

You might be a safe, alert and cautious driver who adheres to all traffic and safety regulations. However, that does not guarantee that the motorists with whom you share the road at any given time will exhibit similar driving behaviors. Highways throughout West Virginia are just as dangerous as those across the rest of the United States nowadays. In fact, some people are downright reckless behind the wheel, often causing motor vehicle accidents that result in severe injuries or death.

It is not your job to police state roads, unless, of course, you happen to be an on-duty traffic patrol officer. If not, then you basically have no way of controlling what another driver does or doesn’t do. You may find yourself facing serious dangers if a nearby motorist is distracted, intoxicated or otherwise negligent.

Sudden collisions often occur completely unexpectedly. Then again, you might notice a potential problem, for instance, a car that is barreling up behind you at a dangerous speed, but you do not have time to safely react to avoid a crash. If you suffer injury because of another driver’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to carry the full financial burden associated with the incident.

Many victims of motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia have been able to offset the cost of medical bills, compensate for lack of income during recovery and cover other associated expenses through a successful personal injury claim in civil court. You can increase your chances of successfully litigation a case by relying on an experienced injury law attorney in court. The Law Office of P. Zachary Stewart supports accident victims as they seek fair and just compensation, streamline insurance claims and petition the court for financial accountability against those whose negligence caused their injuries.


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