Amazon is one of the fastest growing companies with an attractive starting wage for its workers. In spite of this, there have been several complaints regarding poor working conditions and unpaid work time. Federal wage and hour laws help ensure that workers here in West Virginia and elsewhere receive the pay to which they are entitled. When employers violate those laws, workers have the right to seek an appropriate remedy.

Amazon Prime Days are sales days that are geared toward offering special pricing on thousands of items for those with a Prime membership. Due to the high demand, workers at distribution centers were offered incentives to work longer hours to ensure orders were filled on time. Several employees at one plant filed complaints that they were promised overtime pay to work up to 60 hours during the week of the 2-day event. However, a heat wave made working conditions intolerable for one crew. A supervisor announced that they would be dismissed six hours early but would still receive their full promised pay, along with overtime.

Several of these workers learned that the company marked the hours as unpaid, which can have a negative impact on their company employment record. When workers complained about the shortage in pay, some were credited with the hours on the following check. A few said they were paid for the hours but not at the promised overtime rate. Management claims to be working closely with employees to correct the problem.

An attorney in Chicago, where this warehouse is located, stated that the workers appear to have a valid claim against Amazon. There have been other complaints against the company for working conditions and lack of adequate employees to cover the work loads. Anytime a West Virginia employee has been a victim of unpaid work time or other violations of the federal wage and hour laws, he or she is entitled to seek the best remedy possible with the assistance of an experienced attorney.