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Mother seeks justice for student after brain injury

Brain injuries are in the news lately, underscoring the fact that not many understand how severely such an injury can affect a person’s life. When an accident victim suffers a brain injury, it may mean the end of any goals or dreams for the future and the beginning of a new and tragically difficult reality.

One West Virginia mother is watching her daughter go through this following an accident that many believe could have been prevented.

Accident resulted in critical injuries

The West Virginia University student was crossing a notoriously dangerous street to campus buildings on the other side. Although reports say the traffic lights were red and she was using the crosswalk, the student was struck by the side-view mirror of a pickup truck whose driver allegedly ran the red light at 45 mph. The young woman was left with debilitating brain injuries and massive medical bills.

While the truck driver was arrested and sentenced in criminal court regarding the accident, the mother believes that the real danger came from the bureaucratic decisions on the part of the architectural firm, two engineering firms and a transportation data collection company. Their analysis of the traffic in the area led the West Virginia Department of Transportation and West Virginia University to cancel plans for a pedestrian bridge across the multi-lane highway despite have secured adequate funding for the project. The student was using that crosswalk when she was struck. Her mother has also filed a claim against WVDOT and WVU.

Help is available

The tragedy of a brain injury is something for which no money can compensate. However, when facing mounting medical bills and a lifetime of specialized health care needs, it is understandable when a family wants justice for an accident victim who is suffering through no fault of her own. With the services of an aggressive attorney, brain injury victims have a strong and relentless advocate.


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