A mild blow to the head may not always seem serious at first. In fact, many in West Virginia who suffer from head injuries due motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-falls or contact sports are not aware of the amount of trauma they may have received. New research paints a concerning picture for those with even mild brain injuries.

Concussions are not a laughing matter

Concussions are often an element of comedy in movies and on TV. Someone who receives a blow to the head may lose consciousness, seem off balance, or be unable to focus or speak coherently. However, these symptoms are not funny when they occur in real life. In fact, the latest research reveals that even a mild brain injury can leave an accident victim with lifelong consequences.

The brain, a complex and delicate organ, routinely rids itself of toxins to remain healthy. However, a head injury that causes the brain to swell may prevent the brain from performing this critical process. Swelling may damage the delicate lymphatic vessels that link the brain to the immune system. As a result, someone with even a mild concussion may experience symptoms of brain injury for weeks following an accident and carry an increased risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s and other long-term health issues.

Seek medical treatment right away

A serious head injury may result in innumerable complications, some of which may not manifest for months or years. Anyone who suffers a head injury would be wise to seek medical treatment as quickly as possible.

Additionally, if brain injuries result from someone else’s negligent or reckless actions, speaking with a legal professional can provide information about available options for pursuing compensation through the West Virginia civil courts.