Motor vehicle accidents: Crash leaves 1 dead, 4 injured

A vehicle being driven erratically is certainly a cause for concern, whether on a road in West Virginia or elsewhere around the country. Out-of-control motorists are much more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents. Such was the case recently in Martinsburg, when a car recently crashed into a parked vehicle after driving through a fence.

Motor vehicle accidents: If a West Virginia driver is at fault

You might be a safe, alert and cautious driver who adheres to all traffic and safety regulations. However, that does not guarantee that the motorists with whom you share the road at any given time will exhibit similar driving behaviors. Highways throughout West Virginia are just as dangerous as those across the rest of the United States nowadays. In fact, some people are downright reckless behind the wheel, often causing motor vehicle accidents that result in severe injuries or death.

Distraction still causing motor vehicle accidents in West Virgini

Distracted driving is a serious concern both in West Virginia and across the United States. With more people having access to cell phones and infotainment systems in vehicles than ever before, the number of distraction-related motor vehicle accidents continues to rise. Texting and driving is one of the most common and most dangerous forms of distracted driving.

Motor vehicle accidents: Man dead following hit-and-run crash

Many tractor-trailer rigs pass through West Virginia on its numerous miles of highways. The location of the state promotes heavy commercial transportation as truckers deliver their wares in all directions. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents involving cars and these semis can result in serious injuries or deaths. However, a recent fatality occurred involving a parked tractor-trailer rig and a hit-and-run driver in Jefferson County.

Motor vehicle accidents and the consequences of drunk driving

Drunk driving is reckless and dangerous, and the consequences can often be deadly. A recent crash in Odd, West Virginia, that left one person dead illustrates the dangers of this type of negligent behavior and how it increases the chance of motor vehicle accidents. Though this collision involved just one car, the driver was allegedly drunk and had three passengers in the vehicle with him.

Motor vehicle accidents: New drivers with teenage passengers

Although there are always crash risks on the West Virginia highways, the added traffic volumes during the holidays and the fewer daylight hours in the winter make driving more dangerous. The chances of motor vehicle accidents are even higher for teenage drivers who lack the experience to deal with emergencies. Furthermore, the risks are exacerbated if teen drivers have passengers with them.

Motor vehicle accidents: 2 taken to hospital in West Virginia

Even with normal, everyday traffic, getting to and from work can be a challenge for most people in West Virginia and elsewhere. When motor vehicle accidents occur along commuters' routes, they can shut down major arteries and cause delays that last for hours. Such was the case recently because of a crash on I-79 that affected the morning rush hour.

2 women seriously injured in West Virginia car accident

There are many things that drivers may take for granted as they travel on West Virginia roadways. For example, some people overlook the fact that something as simple as obeying traffic lights can prevent a car accident with significant consequences. Unfortunately, two women were recently injured following a crash that allegedly occurred because of a driver who failed to obey traffic signals.

Motor vehicle accidents: 7 injured in 2-car crash

West Virginia roads and highways are traveled frequently, both by residents commuting to their daily activities as well as visitors who enjoy the miles and miles of scenic byways. However, with thousands of travelers on the roads each day, it is inevitable that motor vehicle accidents regularly occur. Unfortunately, some of these accidents result in serious injuries to those involved. A recent crash of two cars near Lashmeet caused injuries to seven people.

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