Slip-and-fall lawsuit given new life in appelate court

Many West Virginia residents and others around the nation enjoy meeting family and friends at restaurants and bars. Good food and drinks, laughter and conversation are the typical expectations of these gatherings. Unfortunately, one such outing resulted in a serious slip-and-fall injury to a man in another state several years ago. His lawsuit against the establishment has recently been given new life after once thinking it would not continue.

Should I be worried about slip-and-fall accidents while shopping?

Shopping might seem like a relatively safe experience, but it can be much more dangerous than most people think. Slip-and-fall accidents and subsequent injuries are a serious threat to the safety and well-being of West Virginia shoppers. Here are a few examples of how a business owner's or worker's negligent behavior could lead to a serious accident.

Man sues NFL team after a slip-and-fall accident

Going to a National Football League game may be dream for many West Virginia residents and others around the country. Having an opportunity to watch professional players or support a favorite team would make it a highly anticipated experience. But what if that experience was marred by an accident? A Bengals season ticket holder recently sued the organization after a slip-and-fall incident at the team's stadium.

Slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against university

Attending college football games has long been a major event for fans in West Virginia and all across the nation. Tailgating or gathering with friends prior to the game is a social event some may enjoy more than the game itself. While tailgating or just to avoid heavily trafficked areas, many ticketholders park in one area and ride buses to the stadium. Unfortunately, a woman in another state was injured after she fell while walking to board a bus to take her to a game last year. She has recently filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against the university and the city for their negligence that contributed to her injuries.

Slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against supermarket chain

Companies in West Virginia and all across the country frequently use distribution centers to store their products. These warehouses are often hubs of activity as items are delivered there and stored before being divided and then dispersed to other businesses nationwide. Many people and machines are at work in theses types of facilities each day. Unfortunately, with this much activity, there is also an opportunity for accidents. A woman in another state recently filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against a supermarket chain after an accident at one of their distribution centers.

Slip-and-fall accident at Walmart leaves man dead

Many West Virginia residents, others around the country and the globe shop at the thousands of Walmart stores located worldwide. Customers who patronize these stores assume that they will have a safe shopping experience, while in the facility as well as in the areas outside. However, Walmart was recently sued by a family following a fatal slip-and-fall accident that occurred outside a store in another state.

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